12 feb. 2006

5 feb. 2006

3 feb. 2006

Oh Paris I PArisi que tiempos...

Ay si te como sirenita la boquita

Edificios: ??


Edificios: Rue de Paris

Pues eso

El Puesto de Mari

le encantan los botones!!!

Una de comidas en Londres

Mercado de Camdem

Anoeta guarr



Adobo car


Bomba pasa lamano

pasa lamano y opp

  • Stay calm.
  • Use the nearest fire alarm call point to raise the alarm.
  • If the fire alarm does not sound don't panic. Read the instructions provided. Operating the alarm will alert staff who will then immediately investigate and arrange for everyone's safe evacuation.
  • If you can, inform a member of staff. They have been trained in how to deal with emergencies.
  • To aid your evacuation listen to any public announcements, they will ensure that you are moved away from any area of immediate danger.
  • Move as quickly as possible. Don't try to pick up valuables or possessions.
  • If necessary call the fire brigade on 999 and clearly state the address of the fire.
  • Do not attempt to fight a fire yourself. Do not put yourself or others at risk. Seek assistance from the staff.

Que comodo!


Mi equipo

Iglesia desde otro pt